07 December 2005

Windows 2003 R2 has gone RTM!

R2 Press Release




This is a great upgrade/release.  The DFS and replication improvements rock, and the File Server, Print Server and quota management are finally worthy of use.


If you haven’t had a look at this, definitely go to the Windows R2 website and have a look around.


You won’t be disappointed.




01 December 2005

Removing VMs

Did you ever notice how there is a "registervm" switch for Virtual PC but no removal equivalent?

Quick way to remove the registered vms:

del "%userprofile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Virtual PC\Virtual Machines\*.lnk"



Registering VPCs

Here's a quick and easy script to register all the vpcs in a given folder.

Caveats: For this to work, it must be in the same folder as the virtual pc settings files (xxx.vmc). It also works better if VirtualPC has already been started.

Option Explicit
Dim oFSO, oShellDim sVPCPath, sImage, sVM, sVPC, sCmd, sExtDim f, f1, fc

'Get Absolute Path

Set oFSO = Createobject("scripting.FilesystemObject")
sVPCPath = oFSO.GetAbsolutePathName("")

'Start Virtual PC

Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
sVPC = Chr(34) & "c:\program files\microsoft virtual pc\virtual pc.exe" & Chr(34)
oShell.Run (sVPC & " -quiet")

'Build list of vmc files and register them

Set f = ofso.GetFolder(sVPCPath)
Set fc = f.Files
For Each f1 in fc
sExt = oFSO.GetExtensionName(f1)
If sExt = "vmc" Then
sCmd = sVPC & "-registervm " & Chr(34) & sVPCPath & "\" & f1.Name & Chr(34) oShell.Run (sCMD)
sCmd = ""
End If

WScript.Echo ("All vpcs registered")


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