14 August 2007

MCT Dinner in Auckland

Thanks to Marie, Mark, Kyle and Greg for coming out last night. I had a good time catching up with Marie, Mark and Kyle. It was great to meet you Greg.

I hope you all have a great rest of TechEd!

Craig--where were you?


10 August 2007


I suspect that an update/patch/sp somewhere along the line has broken SharePoint somehow. I've been fighting all week trying to figure out why certain site settings pages work for a little while and then stop loading, throwing a 403 error (forbidden). If they never worked, then I'd assume that the permissions somewhere needed fixing. But if I do an IISReset, the pages execute fine.

For a little while.

And then they stop. For no obvious reason.


Finally my boss Ignacio (who was also looking into the problem) found a reference to this MS kb article that doesn't mention this issue specifically but seems to fix the problem. (See here.)

If I get any better information, I'll share ASAP.


06 August 2007

Browser me this . . .

Not a question I run across a lot, but I do run across it from time to time: What browser can I use with SharePoint?

This link is about a year old and based around betas, but it at least gives a rough indication as to which browsers you can/cannot expect a reasonable experience with.

Thanks to Chris Randall for bringing this to the attention of readers of an MCT newsgroup.

However, as always, mileage may vary.

If anyone has a more current/up-to-date link, let me know and I will happily update this post.