26 July 2006

Just a little something for those of you using Virtual Server

I got this from MCPMag online. I can’t say I read it faithfully every day, but I get lots of good tips and tricks from here.


07 July 2006

Finding e-mail addresses in AD

This is a great tip from another Exchange trainer.

All hail to the conquering Barat!


23 March 2006

Vista Delayed, SQL Server 2005 and other things

Just in case you missed it--Windows Vista is being delayed, with an estimated release of January 2007. MS is taking a fair amount of heat about this. I don't know their full reasoning, but I'd rather have them take the time to get the OS right rather than rush it just to make the Christmas sales cycle. Not that an OS makes a very good gift anyway.

How big/used/important is SQL Server 2005 for you? MS seems to be pushing it quite a bit, but how many people/companies are actually using it? Does it seem worth all the fuss?

What are your thoughts around ISA 2006 and Exchange 12 and Office 12? What do you know? What have you heard? Drop a line to the NZMCT.